Design Consulting

At Porter Trustin Carlson, our experienced design professionals work closely with you throughout the planning and materials process, saving you time and money on your project.

Our creativity is reflected not only in our designs, but in the way we approach every aspect of the design process. We take the time to effectively communicate each step of the way and ensure our clients are satisfied.


In spite of your extensive planning and preparation, the greatest enemy to schedule and budget estimates are materials arriving late and out of spec, and the added time and cost of making field fit modifications. With our custom fabrication services, there are no faults or frustrations to work around. When your materials are designed around your project instead of the other way around, construction moves along smoothly.


At Porter Trustin Carlson, we understand that after all of the planning and execution is done, the quality of the final installation is all anyone will notice.

It is both the first and final impression your clients are left with.

Our obsession with perfection and attention to detail ensures that you will have a perfect fit, every time.

Project Supervision

Our expert project managers will stay focused on the job until it is completed to not only your satisfaction, but ours.  We keep your project on budget and on time so you can give your attention to more important things. Let us worry about the details.

Owner Service and Maintenance

We know the process and materials inside and out and there will be no surprises for our clients. Who better to maintain your investment than the team who refined the concept?

Continuing Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of developments and methods to ensure our clients experience the highest level of quality through proven methods.

At Porter Trustin Carlson, we continue to seek opportunities to increase our expertise, and look forward to sharing our hard-earned knowledge with you.