Hufcor Operable Partition, Glass + Summit Vertical Walls

The leading manufacturer in acoustical moving and folding partitions.

Omni/Single Panel System

Hufcor's 641 series partition wall is operated off of (2) double puck carriers which are close to each end of the panel.

Paired Panel System

Hufcor's 642 series partition wall is operated off of (1) trolley with 4 carrier wheels which is centered in the middle of panel.

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Continuously Hinged System

Hufcor's 643 series partition wall is operated off of (1) trolley with 4 carrier wheels which is centered in the middle of panel and all of the panels are hinged together to move as one when the lead panel is pulled across the room.

Operable Glass Walls

Low Profile Acoustic

These glass panels are less than 2" thick and are easily handled with 1 hand. With sound rating in mind, the panels align perfectly for superior acoustics. Several hardware and color options to choose from. There are 6 different glass types and is now available in switchable glass to provide privacy to your area.

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The frameless series was developed to provide clean and clear sight lines to meet the needs of a uninterrupted view. Pivot panels can be used a pass through doors. Panels are held in place by floor pins that of course have dust proof covers.


Made of engineered wood, you can customize the frames, and species of material to meet your every need.

Ultra Acoustic

The Ultra series provides excellent sound rating with up to 46 STC rating. Made of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel frames, this is one of the most durable framed glass walls on the market. These walls can also have work surface inserts. The Ultra can be manually operated or motored by a motor. Pocket doors are available.

Sliding Acoustic

The newest offering of Hufcor, the lead panel of this system has a soft close for damage control. These panels are trained together and follow each other once the lead panel is pulled. This glass wall system offers the best space flexibility with the smallest amount of pocket space needed to store when not being used.


The Summit vertically moving partition wall is one of a kind. Panels sizes of up to 40' wide, 2' high and stack above the ceiling. This wall comes standard with a LCD touch pad and controller, a dual sensing detective device for safety, and a 51 STC rating. Constructed of doubled welded steel frames to ensure longevity. Can be covered in multiple types of materials including dry erase marker board.

How good is an STC rating?

Use the following chart to get a rough idea what various STC levels mean in terms of privacy afforded. Note that this is only a very rough guide.

25 Normal speech easily understood
30 Normal speech audible, but unintelligible
35 Loud speech understood
40 Loud speech audible, but unintelligible
45 Loud speech barely audible
50 Shouting barely audible
55 Shouting not audible

Learning About Sound Ratings

600 Series

Hufcor's 4" thick panels STC ratings range from 43 to 56

Glass Wall Ultra

The Ultra series glass wall STC rating ranges from 35-46

Summit Vertical Wall System

This vertical wall has a minimum STC rating of 51.

18 Hollow-metal door without seals
22 Solid wood door without seals
26 1/4" plate glass
32 1/2" plate glass
38 1/2" drywall on wood studs, both sides
41 4" painted concrete block wall
42 5/8" drywall on steel studs, both sides
46 8" hollow concrete block
48 12" painted concrete block wall
50 Double 5/8" drywall on steel studs, insulated
53 12" poured solid concrete wall