Construction Specialties

Division 07

• Expansion Joint Covers
Expansion joints are a necessary evil in projects, especially building onto an existing structure. Need help deciding which expansion joint to specify for you project? Let our team help, we can even help write the specifications if desired.

Expansion Joints

Division 08: Openings

• Acrovyn Doors
Architects and designers choose Acrovyn Doors for their broad range of colors and patterns as well as the ability to withstand heavy traffic to meet the extensive design needs of their clients.

Have you ever counted the number of times you have had to repaint, refinish, or replace your walk-through doors due to abuse? Acrovyn doors were developed for just these reasons. High impact wall covering is applied to the entire door. They have rounded edges and stiles so carts, material, and any other objects moving through the opening can not damage them. These doors are so durable they are a no brainer decision if you have high traffic areas.

Division 10: Specialties

• Cubicle Curtains and Tracks
Construction Specialties offers a variety of cubicle track systems to fit your needs. From a qwick switch system to a snap lock system, we will to figure out which will fit the needs of your staff. Contact a PTC staff member if you need some assistance.
The fabric patterns are endless, as we can use any material you specify!

• Wall and Door Protection
Facilities take a beating. Protection for surfaces like walls and doors is necessary and a fact of life. CS has the right wall protection solutions to protect your interior and provide a pleasing aesthetic.

Construction Specialties prides on their ability to fit every project’s needs. CS has 68 standard colors, 20 standard faux wood colors, several Acrovyn by design standard patterns/colors, and the ability to take your personal pictures or photos and have them printed on the wall protection. They have tons of paint colors already formulated in their system or can color match upon your request. With all these options, there shouldn’t be any issue matching your buildings aesthetics while protecting your walls from damage!

The products lines Porter Trustin represents in the wall protection division include wall protection sheet material, corner guards, handrails, crash rails, door and frame protection.

Division 12: Furnishings

• Entrance Floor Mats and Frames

Did you know having an entrance mat or grid will prolong the life of the interior floor finishes in your building? These mats are designed to catch dirt, gravel, and liquid that your shoes have picked up in the outdoor elements. Entrance mats are made to sit flush with the surrounding floors. They are installed in a recessed area that can be cleaned out in minutes. If you are looking for a curb appeal while catching all the debri in your building, check out the floormations line, which can be a custom or standard design!