Midland Chutes

Midland Chutes has been around since 1976.  Linen, trash and recycling chutes are common in hotels, apartments complex’s and hospitals to reduce transferring laundry and trash up and down stairs or elevators. Midlands chutes is one of the top manufacturer’s and has the largest manufacturing plant in the United States. They will meet any specification requirement you may come across.  PTC furnishes and installs these chutes in all of Nebraska and Iowa.



Pneumatic Tube Products

Pneumatic tube systems play a big part in the Hospital industry. They help transfer product from level to level or wing to wing without having an employee leave their work area.

Pneumatic Tube Products have developed workstations with high end computerized and microprocessors systems to make using their product an ease.  From quality manufacturing of parts to installation, PTC is there to serve you. We will always provide technical service you need to ensure your system is always up and running the way it should!

Conveying equipment