Global IFS

Why Global IFS TecCrete Raised Access Floors?
As your needs change, your space should evolve as well. We can help you connect your workplace with your organizational objectives and transform it into a responsive and adaptable environment. It all starts under your feet.

TecCrete, the original concrete surface panel, has been available in the market for more than 30 years. The unique concrete-and-steel composite structure makes TecCrete amazingly quiet and solid underfoot—ideal for office, computer rooms, institutions and learning environments. The Global IFS weldless floor system stands up to heavy rolling and impact loads that occur during the construction, move-in and reconfiguration. The TecCrete panel flat underside results in less expensive installation and more reliable sealing of underfloor plenum dividers. The flat underside also accommodates placement of pedestals anywhere under the panel making support of partial panels at walls and columns easier and more secure. The panels can be finished in several difference options. Some of these offerings are Elevate porcelain floor, Versaflex drylay tile, Johnsonite solid rubber, Nevamar Laminate and Flexco vinyl.