For over 70 years, JL Industries has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for the commercial construction industry. JL offers standard and custom products including access panels, fire protection cabinets, fire extinguishers, roof hatches and accessories, AED’s, cabinets and floor doors.

Porter Trustin provides fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher boxes, access panels, and roof hatches.


Unistrut Corp.

The Unistrut system was invented in 1924, and still lives on strong today! Unistrut support can be used in many different applications such as hanging clouds overhead, supporting x ray machines or patient lifts just to name a few. Our in-house engineers and installers are innovative and can help design the structure needed to support your product. They can even modify the Unistrut support structure design in the field when other overhead products might be in their path.