Hufcor is the leading manufacturer in operable walls in the industry. These are also known as partition walls, airwalls, folding walls and floating walls. These walls can be covered in just about any material on the market that has backing. Partition walls produced by Hufcor can have a range of 41 to 56 sound transmission class. Here are examples of how STC equates in constructed walls:

  • At 25 STC normal speech is easily understood. This would be equivalent of ¼” plate glass wall.
  • At 35 STC loud speech is understood. A wood studded wall with ½” drywall on both sides is around 38 STC.
  • At 40 STC loud speech is audible, but not intelligible. This would be equivalent to a 4” painted concrete block wall.
  • At 45 STC loud speech is barely heard. This is like 8” hollow concrete block.
  • At 50 STC shouting is barely audible. The wall would need 2 layers of 5/8” drywall on steel studs and have insulation in between the drywall.
  • At 55 Shouting should not be heard at all. The wall would need to be a 12” poured solid concrete wall to achieve close to this rating, which has been tested to give a 53 STC.

Hufcor also manufactures accordion folding walls and glass walls. The glass walls can provide an aesthetic look and give acoustical value to your space.  The engineers and designers at Hufcor are always innovating their products to better fit your needs.  If you are looking to divide a space and need an acoustical value, we can help. Our installers at Porter Trustin have been installing these walls for over 50 years. We can help with the design of your space to ensure it functions the way you need.


CornellCookson is a leading rolling door and grille manufacturer with facilities in Mountain Top, PA, Gastonia, NC and Goodyear, AZ. The company produces custom closure solutions found in stadiums, hospitals, hotels and museums, along with a variety of facilities where reliability, security and life safety is vital. CornellCookson is committed to providing high quality, domestically-manufactured solutions, and its brands have operated within the United States since 1828 and 1938. Products are sold through a network of more than 700 Cornell and Cookson dealer partners worldwide to ensure competitive pricing through equal and alternate brands.


Hörmann is one of the world’s leading high speed roll up door manufacturers and a global leader in today’s building components industry. The family’s name has become synonymous with brand quality products covering a wide range of doors for industrial, commercial door and residential applications. Constant innovation, quality assurance and close proximity to customers are the keys to the company’s permanent growth and lasting success. Operated by the third and fourth generation, the grandson and great grandsons of the company’s founder, Hörmann currently serves customers in more than 30 countries with a multitude of quality products.

The Hörmann range of commercial roll up doors along with the openers are specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of the North American market. And we do it without compromising the Hörmann standard for quality and design offering superior protection and safety.