Bradley Corporation
Toilet Partitions, Accessories + Lockers

Over 100 years of new design strategies for a reputable restroom.


Commercial Washroom Solutions


From hand dryers, soap dispensers, to paper towel dispensers and waste bins. Compliant, economical and sustainable solutions in many distinguished designs are available to finish your washroom design.


Full height partitions and no site options are innovative products in the market. Bradly offers both options in bradmar, euro style, powder coated, solid phenolic and stainless steel.

The Touch-less Solution

The touch-less importance has rapidly increased due to new disease-causing microorganisms from COVID-19. More than ever now, we all want to be cautious with what we touch so we are not spreading more and more germs across surfaces.

Lenox Lockers

Known as "Lenox" Lockers. They are made from plastic and are perfect for high traffic and moist areas. They have a 20 year warranty against rust, never need painted, and are resistant to scratches or dents. They are made of HDPE plastic and are Eco-friendly.