Cornell Cookson

Leading manufacturer of high-quality life safety rolling doors and grilles.

Service, Insulated &
Life Safety Coiling Doors


Achieve lower energy costs with temperature controlled insulated doors. Noise reduction has been tested to have up to a 33 STC rating.

Life Safety

With fire rated doors up to 4 hours you can be at ease while designing your next project. Fire doors are designed to prevent flames and smoke from spreading during a fire.

Options include their patented alarmgard motor, fusible links, or a firefly automatic resetting device.

Counter Fire Door 002

Counter Doors

Insulatated sound, fire and weather safety doors.
Door Usage

Typically used in cafeterias, concession stands and ticket booths, rolling counter doors, also known as coiling doors, provide both internal and external security after installation.

Insulated Doors

Insulated counters doors feature a PVC back slat that provides insulation together with a curtain, giving a cleaner appearance compared to traditional doors.

Fire/Smoke Counter Shutters

Fire rated shutters are offered to prevent the migration of a fire, should one occur. These custom made UL counter doors offer up to 3 hours fire rating and are ideal for school cafeterias.

AlarmGard System

CornellCookson's patented alarmgard system aligns with installed fire alarms and immediately closes once the fire alarm is triggered. Once the alarm is cleared, the door automatically resets and opens.

Elevator Smoke Containtment Systems

With elevators being one of the most vulnerable locations in a buildings structure when there is a fire, CornellCookson has designed this smoke curtain to prevent smoke and gases from entering the shaft. Trust in us, as CornellCookson has been developing life safety products for over a century.



High-Performance Products

Service Doors & Grilles

If you are looking for a rolling door or grille that's going to last, look no further. CornellCookson offers maintenance free doors and grilles with 300K, 500K, and 1 million cycle springs for high-use applications.

Security Grilles / Rolling Grilles

MicroCoil Grille

CornellCookson knows headroom can end up being a concern, especially in renovations. The MicroCoil was built with space in mind.


Is elegance a need for you? The SteelWeave design is built for security and you guessed it, appeal!


This has all the standard features of a security grille, but has the ability to be instantly opened if there is an emergency without any electrical requirements. The Crossinggard was built with egress in mind!

Side Folding Grille 003

Sliding/Side-Folding Grilles

From lightweight to heavy-duty, sliding grilles provide security in your area while requiring little to no maintenance. Sliding grilles are normally stacked inside a pocket/closet area when they are not being used.