Midland Chutes
Trash + Linen Chutes

Your first choice manufacturer of linen and trash chutes.


Trash and linen chutes are typically found in hospitals, hotels, retirement facilities and apartment complexes. These are utilized to help reduce clutter in our building and to centralize a point to either throw away or launder your items.

Spiral Pipe Technology

Midland Chutes has perfected their fabrication with integrating spiral technology into their steel piping to product more sound reduction than any other competitors sound-coated options.


Midland offers fire stops, baffles, white/black sound coating, isolator pads, ADA compliant handles, keyed systems, head and smoke sensors, control panels, disinfecting and sanitary units and even the wiring needed.

Code Driven

All Midland's chutes are verified to meet all NFPA-72 standards.

Products in Action