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Restroom Partitions + Lockers

Bacteria resistance is their game.



Hiny Hiders

This is the standard for Scranton. Offering high durability with 1" thick plastic, this product offers superior value compared to all other manufacturers. This can include fire rating options and has 3 ADA compliant configurations.


The Aria partitions are a full height, high privacy product. With several design choices such as panel doors help designers make your restroom welcoming. If you are looking to remove large sight lines, this is the perfect product!


A more contemporary look than the Hiny Hider, this style removes the look of pilasters, including a pedestal design instead. The standard hardware is more visibly pleasing and still has no sight lines.



Constructed of HDPE (solid plastic). Made for durability and strength for the toughest use. Available in several different styles and configurations, these are optimal for schools and businesses.


The duralife product line is the only HDPE plastic school locker that are fully fire rated for corridors. Plastic is a low maintenance product for lockers that helps the maintenance and service team concentrate on bigger and better things.