Crown - Hydraulic and Electric Bifolding Doors

Offering a variety of visually stunning overhead door solutions to elevate your design.



Hydraulic Bi-Folding System

Crown Door's hydraulic folding doors offer a smooth operation and a sleek look with just one press of a button. These can be designed to match your exterior cladding so it will flow with your building's facade.

Electrical Bi-Folding System

For the smaller openings such as counters and window openings, the SST-II uses electric actuators instead of hydraulic cylinders with a better price point in mind. These doors are even great for residential applications where you want to bring the outside environment in to your home! These are made up to a 8' wide x 6' high.

Single Swinging

This type of hydraulic or electric operated door is a one piece system that will protrude outside of the opening to create an awning. The look that the single swing brings is beautiful.


Hydraulic 50/50

The 50/50 combines the features of the SST-II and single swing. The name says it all, as it creates and awning on both sides of the opening.