List Industries Inc. Lockers

America's most complete locker line.

Knockdown Lockers

Knockdown lockers are the most cost efficient and used type of metal locker in the industry. These come unassembled from the factory and are put together onsite to fit the spaces needs.


Welded lockers come per-assembled from the factory. Generally known as an athletic locker as they are built from thick gauged steel for excellent durability.

Wood Lockers

Built for aesthetics, the lockers are made from 3/4 plain sliced red oak.  Come with built-in key cam locks

Plastic & Phenolic

Plastic & Phenolic lockers both are good for preventing mold and mildew while being water proof and scratch resistant. Phenolic lockers also have an added benefit of them being graffiti resistant. Both come in various styles, sizes, and tiers.